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RuiDeng Riden RD6006 DC power supply

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Ruideng, which manufactures that neat DP-series of DC power supply modules just teased their first big box DC power supply. Doesn't come with an AC-DC power supply so you have to source your own. Hope Dave will get to try and burn up this one too.

Saw this posted on Twitter earlier, and I almost replied to them saying please don't spam the EEVblog forums about it.   :-DD
It does look good.  Much more useable than the older models, but it is still a SMPS so maybe not for any low noise work.


--- Quote from: Kean on August 28, 2019, 07:53:29 am ---Much more useable than the older models, but it is still a SMPS so maybe not for any low noise work.

--- End quote ---

Yeah but look at that screen setting: 65V 6A!
Get a second low current linear supply for anything low noise.


--- Quote from: thm_w on August 28, 2019, 10:11:34 pm ---Yeah but look at that screen setting: 65V 6A!

--- End quote ---

The model number implies operation up to 60V and 6A.  I think 65V is just the required input voltage with some headroom.  I'm guessing it is buck topolgy not buck/boost.

We don't yet know if it is rated for 360W continuous, and I somehow doubt it will be.

You will need to source your own 65V 400W? PSU of the correct dimensions - all yet to be confirmed - but that isn't a common voltage.  Commonly available 48V PSUs (eg Meanwell) can usually only be adjusted about +/-15% (~56V).

I have 2 of the DP50V5A and 2 x DPH5005, but I rarely use the RD units due to having at least a dozen other lab supplies in the workshop (either full linear, or hybrid SMPS/linear).  This is largely in part to having poor UX and requiring external power source.

This new model potentially addresses the biggest issues, so it will be interesting to see what they release.  I was thinking about getting the DPS5020 for occasional high current applications, but may wait to see what comes...

The supply is out now and the manufacturer posted information with videos here:

$51 for the DC-DC converter with WiFi and Micro-USB connectivity
$68 for the DC-DC converter + small case for use with an external PSU
$28 for the larger case which can house an AC-DC PSU
$32 for the recommended 3rd party AC-DC PSU


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