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SDS1104X-E using PyVisa. Can I get more sigfigs/precision?

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My goal is to make a string of automated measurements to calibrate the amplitude of a sine wave against the output of an RMS circuit. I can get it all talking and I get my measurements. On the scope I see the measurement as 20.0221kHz, but VISA reports 'C1:PAVA FREQ', '2.00E+05.'

Question: Is there a way to get the full 4 digits of precision that I see on the scope out of pyVISA?  I can deal with the format but with it rounding off like that it's making my test look better than it is.

This has nothing to do with PyVisa: PyVisa is just relaying what the scope sent back. You'll need to read the scope manual and see if the output format for measurements is configurable, or otherwise complain to Siglent.

I've read the manual from Siglent. I don't see anything that looks like a measurement configuration but thought perhaps I was overlooking it. That was really my question, does anyone know if it can be done and if so how? It's not obvious from the manual but I'm not a VISA or Siglent expert.

Tried this?:
--- Code: ---:FORM:DATA CUST,6
--- End code ---

I hadn't, thanks for the suggestion. Tried it on my scope via Siglent's EasyScope and it accepts it as a command with no error but unfortunately the output is still rounded to the 3 digits. I also tried reading back the one of  the custom params just in case it stored it there but no luck. Attached just in case I'm doing something wrong I can't see.

>>>C1:PAVA? Freq
C1:PAVA FREQ,2.16E+05Hz
>>>C1:PAVA? CUST, 6
>>>C1:PAVA? 6


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