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SDS7102 old stock serial identification (with noise issue)

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Probably this question was posted different times in this forum and others but the situation it is not clear for me.

I like to purchase a new or used SDS7102 oscilloscope.

When I will ask to seller the serial number and the seller provide me it:

how I can be sure if the model hardware is or not affected to the noise issue ?

Actually the situation is not clear for me.

Here some serials:

1122xxx,1127xxx,1137xxx To V2.5.1.*

1143xxx,1149xxx,1152xxx,1153xxx,1203xxx,1209xxx To V2.8.1.6

1211xxx,1219xxx,1223xxx,1234xxx,1240xxx,1246xxx,1251xxx,1303xxx To V2.8.3

2 users with serials:


affirm to have the common noise issue hardware.

Please help !!!

Only make clear that probably all SDS models have this noise problem, since all these share the same PSU and adapter plate.
The new versions (recently assembled) have this problem fixed, but: Are these in the market? I doubt, for now.

Will send Owon spare parts to all with this problem? ...  :-BROKE

I was asked this question to get a response.

You think that until now the new units are still have the problem  ... I hope no !!!

I hope that someone can we help for this ....

Who knows? I also hope that not.  :-//

Why not also identify the serial numbers for SDS8102, SDS8202, ...?

I hope that here someone can we do a full response about the SDS7102 model and the Others ...

I have more trust to real user instead of OWON factory.


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