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User experience:
        More important:
                - Adjust knob looses function after menu closes (it changes intensity after menu is closed). Make option to have it adjust what is has adjusted before, even when
                   the menu is closed (by hand or automatically). Activate intensity adjust only on long push. Revert back to previous adjust value with another long push.
                        -> Using it with changing history frames (Does apply to other funtions too! Maving gate on measurements, ...):
                                - 1. Menu closes: keep adjusting what has been adjustet with open menu.
                                - 2. long push: activate intensity adjust.
                                - 3. another long push: activate function as was on point 1. (point 2. and 3. can repeat indefinitely)

                - When put in invalid values as gate position, there is no warning (old value just stays)      
                - GUI adjustments: see picture "remove replace". (Less useless digits on the screen, and prevent "X1/X2" from hiding time numbers)
                - When selecting a channel to have the scale of it beeing shown, the persistance is cleared. Dont clear persistance at any case, except scale adjust or clear
                   sweeps button.
        Less important:
                - Channel tabs on the bottom could be slightly resized (dynamically sizing the tabs, depending how wide the content is, would give even more space - but dont
                   go smaller than some minium size) to allow the 5th element to be visible more. Alternatively the fifth tab could be hidden (in big font mode),
                   and the "left right buttons" could be made bigger.
                   See here:
                - Channels: It is possible to close another channel by holding the button, BUT:
                        - Firstly it activates the channel tab first, and then closes it. (1000ms to activate channel, and another 1000ms to close it)
                        - Secondly it takes to long. It looks like 1000ms , but could be easily 300ms or less.
                        - Expected behaviour: close channel when holding button of channel for more than 300ms. (Having a user customizable value here could be realized at the
                           same time with other features i suggested before)
                        - In general activating the tabs of channels is very laggy.
                - When changing probe attenuation, the vertical scale has to be adjusted by the user too (to show the waveform with the same height), which could be automated.
                - Dot display of wave does not work in search mode??? This is really dissapointing.
                - When using the knob with search events, it moves in the wrong direction compared to the history navigation.

                - When navigate menu is open, pressing navigate, should switch through types, starting from the current.
                - On occasions, where only channels would be selected (for trigger source or similar), have a submenu, that is right beside the menu. It make quick switching possible
                   without moving the hand. (Trigger, Measure, and maybe more) See picture "to far away - have a menu.jpg".
                - Option to have "clear sweeps" button to only clear traces of waveforms, and NOT measurements.
                - Colorgrade on persistance
                - Threshold (upper /lower) not working with measurement "mean" see picture "threshold useless.jpg"
                - Persistance mode when going through search frames/windows. (Just like when going through history frames)
                - Have gate reference on screen. (Enable going through search events and measure something at always the same place)
                - Possibility to navigate timeintervals with navigate buttons (add feature to navigate mode time - "navigate in intervals")

Feature suggest:
Make it visible which source the cursors are using. Had my cursor on F4, and then had accidently turned it off. It switched to C4, but did not switch back to F4, when turning F4 back on.


--- Quote from: eTobey on May 30, 2024, 09:55:46 am ---Feature suggest: Make it visible which source the cursors are using.

--- End quote ---

Aren't the cursors color-coded with the channel color? That's good enough for me, even though with Math channels coming into the picture, the colors are not always very clearly distinguishable. Personally I struggle with the different flavors of red.

I believe the larger Siglent scopes have user-selectable channel colors. Getting those in the SDS800X HD would be my preference (over additional labels indicating the cursor/channel relationship), because it would have broader benefits when working with the channels.

Not sure how much attention this thread gets from Siglent, but I'm going to miss the data logger feature they introduced in the SDS1000X-E 4 channel scopes...
 Very handy if you don't have a multimeter with an interface.

Hopefully they add that to the SDS800X HD series.


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