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--- Quote from: WarSim on July 17, 2013, 03:29:58 am ---If you happen upon a tek part number that has what I am looking for I would like to hear of it. 
Certainly the PS280 dose not meet my requirements, according to it's datasheet online at Tek.

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Oops, sorry , should have read the post more closely. At that voltage wonder if it would be cheaper o regulate the output of a isolation transformer. With a full bridge and caps you are not that far off.

Yes, it seems my expectations are going to be unfulfilled. 

Given this revelation I am also considering the DIY option. 


--- Quote from: WarSim on July 17, 2013, 12:27:48 am ---I found the price list it is almost $800.00 like the BK precision.  :(

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Sorry, just seen your post. The list prices for TTi are quite high - not as high as Tek or Agilent but above Chinese imports.

I bought my TTi PL320QMD from

it was brand new with 90 day warranty and shipped direct from TTi but only cost me £160 as it was an old model. It is worth contacting Steve Hodge at test-measure as he may have something that fits your needs at a good price. The shipping would be expensive but there might be cheaper options such as parcel post. It is unfortunate that power supplies weigh so much. TTi supplies, especially the older ones, are massively over-specced and built to last. The other thing to add is Steve is open to offers.

Having said all that, I couldn't see a supply that meets your needs in the current list but if you contact him he may have something that he has not listed yet.


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