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Siemens Voltage Calibrator D2300

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So i got this unit from German ebay and it is awesome !

Known specs:
0-1000V (positive or negative)
2 or 4 wire
Current limiting 30% 50% 100%

- 1V 100mA max
- 10V  100mA max
- 100V 10mA max
- 1000V 1mA max

Picture of the unit doing 0.999 99 V (not warmed up) 4-Wire :

Measured by Rigol DM3058 0.999 97V (not warmed up) :

Calibration? sticker 1 :

Calibration , built year ? sticker 2 :

Siemens AG Service center sticker :

Anyone know more about this machine ? The previous owner did not have the manual. I searched on the internet but there is not a lot to be found. Would love to know the real specs!

Also does anyone know what the Objektstand sticker (1) means ? or the Gepruft  H126 sticker ?

Sticker 2 shows Ausgabe , is that like the build year ?
I will tear it down after the weekend when i'm back at my dorm.


Very nice find, I love the old Siemens gear.

"Gepr├╝ft" simply means "tested". Good thing, somebody somwhere has tested this thing ;).

"Objektstand" your guess is as good as mine. It could be a revision number or something of that sort.
It could also have something to do with a companies inventory or a thousand other things.
I'm not sure how to translate that because I don't know what they meant by it.

"Ausgabe" this could be translated as "issue". So this could also be a revision number or similar.

It was absolutely certainly not built in 2005. Not even in 1995. I'd date it to the early/mid 80ies at best. I wouldn't be too surprised if it was even older.
AFAIK Siemens stopped producing T&M gear sometime in the 80ies or early 90ies.

Would you mind taking the top off so we can have a peek inside, please? Then we'll be able to date it. I bet it's full with Siemens made IC's and caps. They made very nice bright orange electrolytics back then and they were always stamped with a datecode.

I can tell you it was probably serviced after 1993, back in '93 Germany changed postal codes from 4 to 5 digits, we had to after taking back the GDR.

on Sunday evening i will go back to my dorm an i will take the top off to look whats inside.
Would love to go to a calibration lab to test what this puppy can do! To bad that's out of my reach  :'( .

I've got one, too. I recieved my unit half-broken. The HV Option (100V, 1000V) caused the whole device to fail when installed. Some relays were stuck and some caps had gone bad. I've posted some pics here:

To bad your device failed. i tested mine on the 1000v range and it worked fine.
Did you find more info about the machine?


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