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R&S ScopeRider RTH1002 RTH1004 Thread
« on: April 27, 2020, 08:45:05 am »

just got my hands on a RTH 1002 to replace my FlukieDookie 190-II. So I thought I'd make a thread for the limited number of owners where we can post tips and tricks. etc.

For those who do not know the ScopeRider is a Rohde & Schwarz portable scope with very good specs for a portable device. As I often work on boats having a good portable scope is nice and high contrast is great.

The ScopeRiders come in 2 main configurations - either with 4 Scope channels or with 2 Scope channels + 1 DMM. Default is 60MHz for the scope but software upgradable to 500MHz. You can also add an 8 channel logic analyser - and spec it out with a multitude of protocol options. Digital logic channels are up to 250MHz. Not as many options as many desktop scopes but quite a few like CAN/SENT/Serial/etc. Digital logic channels are up to 250MHz.

It has a nice colour high contrast touch screen - but with all the usual buttons. Menu system is pretty much standard "modern" R&S like the RTB2000/RTM3000 series.

Initial Positives:
* The screen is great most viewing angles are perfect.
* Easy to use menu system.
* Touch screen works much like RTB/RTM
* 5gSamples / sec (vs 2.5 on RTB)
* 10 Bit ADC (vs Fluke 190-II 8bit)
* Lots of protocol decode options

Initial Negatives:
* Only 500kSample memory (vs 20M on RTB and 80M on RTM - 50M available in Segmented men option)
* Buttons can easily get stuck
* Screen view angle looking down on scope is terrible. Makes it hard to stand scope on the floor and working at a height.
* Almost EVERYTHING is a paid for add on.
* Very expensive to add options to - there are a few bundle packs - but again very expensive. Each individual decode option is about Euro 900-1200 plus VAT. The bundle pack RTH-PK1 contains most add-ons - but costs roughly EUR 3500 plus vat. As you are not getting as many decode options vs a desktop scope bundle pack - the price seems very excessive.

So post your tips and tricks here;

First tip(s):
* The batteries from R&S (R&S HA-Z306)  have a price of Euro 280,- plus VAT... But the batteries are just standard RRC 2040-2 - which can be picked up for around Euro 100 incl. shipping and VAT. (

* The power supply (R&S RT-ZA14) is the same as Keysight U1610/U1620 - so Keysight part no U1574A - BridgePower Corp BPI060S15F0x 15v 4A - the X is customer number for for Keysight it is 3 - but please check if it is correct polarity - RTH is Center Positive. Keysight's 4A U1574A seems a LOT cheaper then R&S equivalent. Mine came with an alternative power supply so I do not know the full part number for the RTH OEM.

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