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I am a little disappointed that my brand new fairly expensive piece of equipment has arrived 'pre-dinged'. But what can you do, except be a bit disappointed  :-\

I can live with the two tiny scratches on the top, but the wonky dented label is really pissing me off.

I'm waiting to find out, from UPS or from JR Special Electronics (have contacted both), what commodity code / HS code was declared on the export from NL to UK.

I think it should be 9030390000, which would mean zero duty, even without the preferential tariff (origin of goods being China). HMRC have confirmed the same on the telephone with me.

'scope looks like a good bit of kit though. Big step up from the DS1054Z in terms of, well, everything from the get go, without actually using it to measure anything. UI quality, speed, physical buttons, the lot.


--- Quote from: carl0s on October 28, 2021, 10:42:30 am ---Yes the whole thing is a shame & a nightmare. Although, I must also add, as someone who occasionally sells things on eBay and used to post internationally, Italy is a nightmare for sending stuff to. I ended up blocking Italy in the end because stuff never arrived!

--- End quote ---
I've happly done a LOT of deals on uk, for years (via forums and ebay), only one "scam", and always received the things ordered (a lot of times i've planned myself the shipment via parcel2go). I miss a lot ordering from uk, as can be found almost anything, with good prices (i order a lot of car parts). On some things, nothing in europe is good and cheap like in uk. I think than more of 30% of my 1500 feedbacks as buyier on ebay are for uk orders...


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