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Anybody have any trouble with ?
I ordered an SDS2204X Plus with the LA bundle, and also their training / test board thing, last Monday (~8 days ago).
Before I placed the order, there was an error on their website, so I contacted the info@ email address and received a prompt reply that it was being fixed and to try again in 30 minutes.
I tried again and placed my order, no problem.
I received an order confirmation 04/10/2021 12:48.

Thursday 7/10/21 I emailed the same info@ address asking if there was an estimate for the delivery date.
No reply so far.
Yesterday (11/10/21) I asked the same, via the contact form on their website.

All gone quiet.

Order status just says "paid".

2N3055: is a company that sells Siglent products. They are not very "consistent" with their service...

That is not a Siglent web site, Siglent web site in EU is

You would be better off if you have ordered from Batronix, Batteryfly, or Welectron from Europe.
Or even better yet, Telonic directly in UK, members here from UK say they are OK. And no import procedure.

In 2018 i've ordered two 1104x-e, no problems with them. They have shipped them 3 days after the order confirmation. I think the site is maintained by "JR Special Electronics". They seem an authorized siglent reseller:

Aye, I know who they are / aren't. They are an authorised distributor though.

The UK suppliers did not have the kits / bundles that I wanted.

There's no import duty from EUR to UK and no VAT due at the border either, under the postponed accounting scheme. Should pass through unimpeded.


--- Quote ---and also their training / test board thing
--- End quote ---

Ah, maybe that´s the trap...

When I remember it right I´ve ordered the demoboard by too.
It lasts several weeks and the informations about the status were weak.
They should offer the option about shipping avaible parts of the order separately instead of waiting for another to arrive.


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