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Siglent LPA10 Active Probe Adapter

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Hopefully they add that support with a firmware update.

Thanks for testing this!

--- Quote from: Martin72 on May 23, 2024, 05:19:22 pm ---I have tested an old and a new current clamp with negative results, so it can be assumed that no current clamps are recognized at all.

--- End quote ---
The datasheet shows one current probe (CP030), so I'd hope that probe would at least work with some of their scopes?

--- Quote from: Martin72 on May 23, 2024, 05:19:22 pm ---I took a closer look at the adapter itself, as I suspected it is a completely mechanical solution (pin3 and pin6 swapped, which is correct), so that can't be the problem, it's just what was stored in the Scope software.
Obviously no current clamps...
Will this be changed? I have my doubts.
Well, now we know exactly and so the effort was worth it.
I am glad that Siglent gave me the chance to try it out first instead of buying it.
I will still report to Siglent, if anything comes up I will post it in the thread.

--- End quote ---
Is there any way to override / ignore this dialog? On older Lecroy scopes, my experience has been that newer probes are not supported, but will still mostly work (except not being able to control any of the functions like zeroing from the scope). The scopes will allow you to adjust the units (V or A) and attenuation setting for the channel. The bus is just power + I2C, basically. For the older probes, as long as they get power, they should work. Newer ones might be stuck on a single attenuation / offset setting if the scope doesn't know how to adjust this. Maybe it would help if you could isolate the I2C pins? Lecroy actually sold a power supply for some of their probes that I'm sure doesn't do any I2C communication. It's not rated for current probes. My guess is that it's because it can't supply the relatively high current such probes demand.


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