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Siglent Bench DMMs SDM3065X, SDM3055 and SDM3045X

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3 Siglent Bench DMM's:

SDM3045X 4 1/2 digit (60,000 count)
SDM3055   5 1/2 digit (240,000 count)
SDM3065X 6 1/2 digit (2,200,000 count)

4.3" colour LCD dual measurement display.
(Changed GUI from FW 16R2)(SDM3055)

The full family and specs:

SDM3065X Released April 2017
SDM3045X New 60000 count 4 1/2 digit model in this series: (released Aug 2016)


FW & SW updates:

Recently released option for 3055 and 3065 models in the SDM3*** family is a 16 ch scanner card but it's only for factory installation unfortunately.  :(

6 1/2 Digit Benchtop DMM: SDM3065X

Siglent video:

Deeper investigations:

Early/first SDM3055 releases were as the image below then later versions had X series bumpers/horns added.
The SDM3055 model name was unchanged and SDM3045X and 3065X were released later.

POI List
3DP Scanner card breakout from member pipe2null
Retrofitting SC/Scanner card discussion:
Adding custom temp sensors:
SDM3045X Ranging issues and why:

User Cal
Latest procedure: outdated.
Excellent webpage by Defpom for SDM User Cal CSV file creation:

Carefully follow his instructions and use appropriate quality references to build your own SDM Cal files to compensate for accuracy drift as these bench meters internal references age.
Video above also linked on his webpage for guidance on how User Cal works.

SDM3045X PCB pics:
SDM3055 PCB pics:
SDM3065X PCB pics:
Auto power up mod:
Size comparison:

SDM3045X independent review:

Typical recovery procedure:

Not mentioned is the need to place the unzipped recovery package into the root of the USB stick and said FAT32 stick must be not larger than 8GB and with 4k clusters.

I have my doubts about the photo, i think it is an very good animated picture straight from an CAD system, Why ?

Look at the back side, and zoom in on the BNC connectors, it's missing a centerpin, Siglent is faking equipment pictures.

It seems that this is their very first multimeter ever released. Then I do not want it. It has a color LCD, so it must be full of bugs.
I would trust GW Instek multimeters instead. Yes, they make some so-so scopes, but they still work as promised. Almost.

Looks like Applent is also getting on the bench DMM bandwagon. A lukewarm attempt with a 4 1/2 digit meter, using their LCR meter case and eye candy TFT touch screen. They left out the cap measurement, perhaps to avoid denting their LCR meter sales.

The datasheet is now available for download from Siglent:


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