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Hi Every1

I am looking at buying a my first oscilloscope and so far in terms of price I can afford just about the price of an Rigol DS1052E or a Siglent SDS1072CML.

I do not know Siglent and only know Rigol from Dave's videos so does anyone use a Siglent and how are they?
Do you have any other suggestions for a first scope in the $200-$350 price range?


Siglent seems to be similar to Rigol. They might me OK. Siglents have separate control knobs for every channel. One thing is quite sure. Siglent oscilloscopes are also sold under the LeCroy brand... It is funny. The instruments look very similar. Well, in the video, there is a very little difference in internal circuitry...

Only briefly played with them myself, and they seem decent for the price.
Charles at TrioSmartCal raves about them, he gets a tad excited by bang-per-buck  ;D


I just bought a Siglent SDS1304CFL for a screaming deal on eBay. Never owned one before and haven't received this one yet so I can't speak yet to build quality, performance, etc.

Other brands to consider Aktakom, Atten, Instek, Hameg, Hantek, Owon, Uni-Trend.


--- Quote from: srt8-in-largo on January 13, 2013, 05:50:21 am ---Other brands to consider Aktakom, Atten, Instek, Hameg, Hantek, Owon, Uni-Trend.

--- End quote ---

Aktakom: Rebadges whatever they can get
Atten: Mothership of Siglent
Instek: A notch above the cheap ones when it comes to quality
Hameg: Five notches above the cheap ones, also in price
Hantek: Hackable, lots of hw and sw details known
Owon: Nothing special
Uni-T: Not much known about their oscilloscopes, except unclear specs


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