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Thanks for the reply @tautech.  :-+

So I have got as far as getting Telnet to work and viewing the "NSP_system_info.xml.orig"  with the VI..
Trying to edit the lines is getting me nowhere and not sure I am saving  file correctly to update. (tried using ZZ as well as ::wq  but  system still @ 6022x)

OK this explanation is even confusing myself.. lets start again and keep is simple..

I have this line:

It has data in the field where X's are:  Should I be generating a new serial? or

do I want to change it to look like this or to this??

and if this is what I change it to why do I enter this line into the file with 'TRUE' replaced with a generated serial...

I think I may take up drinking again.....

Ok gave it a few more attempts this morning and there is just something I am not understanding or missing..

SDG6022X > Upgrade Bandwidth and unlock IQ option

Have these:
Telnet .ads file to open port 10101 and bypass pword
V1 directions to edit file in telnet vi
V2 directions to edit file in telnet vi (Similar but a little different in tenet commands used as I'm guessing it uses the BusyBox VI commands)
Python Script (It has two 'TRUE' outputs both end up same data.... Is this for the IQ option or the Bandwidth upgrade)
I also have the code. Havent used this not sure if I need to and on what data/file or really how to... but I do have a HEX editor.. good old notepad++)
but I dont have the (janekivi full OS file)

I have followed both V1  and V2's directions in a few different ways... of changing the line mentioned with either TRUE on the
As well as replacing entire line with
with True Replaced by python gen code.
and finally deleting all in line except for </system_information> and leaving this only

 :-//   |O

Now I reckon I am not saving/updating file incorrectly using command 'ZZ' in BusyBox version then resetting system both with USB in and out.
As well as other commands used in V2 (not using BusyBox VI)...
Then again I think I am just missing something - 'Domestic Blindness on Instructions'

Would like this up and going by the weekend to work on some DSP stuff.

Careful with those links, they try to make new posts when you click on them.
Perhaps clean them up first?

Took me a few more goes but sorted this out..

Thanks to user : ludee for his help.

My SDG6000X LAN port died & I just wanted to say Siglent USA took care of the problem under warranty.  Just got my unit back today & it’s good as new.
Also, my hack was still in place but for some reason they downgraded the firmware from 35 to 28? Anyway, I installed the latest version (36) without any problems and my hack is still in effect.
Yeah, I had to pay for shipping back to Silent.


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