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Siglent SDG6000X series 200-500 MHz AWG's

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Models of 200, 350 and 500 MHz, 2 channels and 2.4GSa / s sampling rate with 16 bit vertical resolution.

Sine wave amplitude:
20 Vpp ? 40 MHz, high impedance load
10 Vpp 40 MHz to 120 MHz (inclusive), high impedance load
5 Vpp 120 MHz ~ 160 MHz (included), high impedance load
3 Vpp 160 MHz to 350 MHz (inclusive), high impedance load
1.28 Vpp above 350MHz

Square wave to 120 MHz, risetime 2.4 ns max.

196 built-in arbitrary waveforms.
Arbitrary memory depth 2-20 Mpts



Review from Shahriar:

Nice! The specs look pretty good, and it can do PRBS patterns and I/Q modulation as well.

Any ideas when these devices will be available outside China? And what the targeted RRP is for the various versions?

If they get the price right then I'd consider the 500Mhz variant. Hell, I'd even be willing to play beta tester for this thing if that means I could get one at reasonable conditions  ;)

Siglent will take 4 to 6 months before shipping out of the domestic market. Or at least this is what they use to do.

It seems there will be a SDG6000X-E version too starting at 160MHz
Only for domestic market, will not be available out of China

This series actually interests me, no need to buy a Windows-machine (or license) to get wide range of functions out of this. Currently I have no need for fancy AVG, but you never know.


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