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Siglent SDS1000X HD 12bit DSO's

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Released 28 Feb 2024.

2 GSa/s 12 bit designs of 100MHz and 200MHz with 2 and 4ch versions

Latest news is a dark theme is coming:

Early prerelease HW:

2 and 4ch versions
50/1M Ohm inputs.
100 Mpts mem depth
10.1" 1024×600 touch display
Bode plot
4 Math channels
Max 2 Mpts FFT
Standard Decodes I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN plus CAN FD and Flexray decode only

Power Analysis
External USB 25 MHz AWG
External 16ch MSO module

Further info added as it becomes available.

IMO good sign that the LA and gen are external, hopefully means a lower price target than the 2000.


Translated datasheet attached.


--- Quote ---4 Math channels
--- End quote ---

Are they kidding me ?!  ;)
SDS2000X+, SDS2000HD, SDS5000X and even the Lecroy(Siglent)Wavesurfer 3000Z/4000HD are having only 2...

Any guesses on cost ?

Traditionally the Chinese website costs have been way off converted to USD however I did some cost comparisons Chinese website vs USA website looking for current western models showing the same 9080 Yuan cost for 4ch SDS1104X HD and same price was found for the USD999 SDS2102X Plus !

However SDS2352X-E is listed on the China website for a little more, 9380 Yuan but in USD it's even cheaper at $839 !
My guess for SDS1104X HD is between $849 and 999 !

Where are the competition priced ?

--- Quote from: thm_w on March 31, 2023, 09:22:51 pm ---IMO good sign that the LA and gen are external, hopefully means a lower price target than the 2000.

--- End quote ---
As you can see I've been wondering about that too yet the case is certainly large enough to have shoehorned those features into it yet with the existing product lines of SPL1016 and SAG2021I it makes sense to use them to help keep the scope costs down.
I only hope WiFi capability gets added as it's been a quite popular connectivity option for the X-E DSO's and with their newish clock feature also helps overcome the missing RTC and timestamp capability so many 1000 class DSO's lack.
But if we look closely at the datasheet images this new HD model does sport a clock and date just as all the other 10"+ display models do.  :phew:

The resolution of the screen is pretty low, no hdmi or video output of any kind, no wifi.
Having to use an external signal generator makes it more expensive, not cheaper.
I was waiting for Siglent to release the competition of the rigol dho1000 but this is not very tempting.
As with the dho1000 the only good thing are the 12 bit.


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