Author Topic: Super Ultra stable Aneng 8008  (Read 1146 times)

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Re: Super Ultra stable Aneng 8008
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What You can say about UT139C vs UT61E?

Well, its model number is more than twice as big, so I'm guessing it's more than twice as good  ^-^
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Re: Super Ultra stable Aneng 8008
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about HRC fuses, if you think you only need those for safely measuring things on your domestic line supply or higher, you should be aware that ELV DC arcing is as dangerous, and is likely to have lower impedance where it's likely to occur.

Those 1808 SMT fuses might fail under a direct 60V short, but that arc won't be much longer, meaning your hand should be able to withdraw the probes easily far away from arc's maximum length.
For those cheap meters, I really can't care if it survives an arc flash, what I care most is if the operator survives.

When I say arc burning, I mean those super hot, super long arcs that can heat air to explosion and burn the operator. I just can't see 60V doing such damage.
Of course, I've never shorted 60V. The highest voltage (with unlimited current, such as a battery) I've ever shorted is 24V (floating at ~28V), and it's really not a big deal other than a brief flash. Couldn't even feel the heat.

FYI, my way of keeping meters from blowing up is not to measure current at all. My daily driver (a pocket "credit card" meter) doesn't even have a current jack.
Whenever possible, when I design a test setup, I have current sensors built in, so I only have to probe voltage, not current.
I do have meters that are safe and can measure current, but I usually find measuring voltage safer.

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