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Siglent SDS2000X HD, 12bit, 2GSa/s high definition oscilloscope serie.

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It is SDS2000X HD.  Hardware 12bit, max 2GSa/s, 200Mpts  (≤2ch 2GSa/s 200M // ≥ 3Ch 1GSa/s, 100M )

Models (outside of China 1): SDS2104X HD, SDS2204X HD and SDS2354X HD.
1 Model SDS2354X HD   Option 500MHz  is equivalent to China domestic model SDS2504X HD.

It have 2GSa/s 12bit ADC's  and freq BW range 100, 200 and 350MHz.  (Option: 2ch limited  500MHz1 ) and 200M memory.
Display is 10.1-inch capacitive touch display, resolution 1024*600
Of course scope support mouse and keyboard operation which allows smooth and fast use.

1500MHz available only when ADC's are in interleaved mode (2GSa/s). When ADC's work in non interleaved mode BW is limited to 350MHz

It follows an already familiar structure. 2 x ADC   2x 200M. Each ADC is divided into two channels.
One ADC for channels 1 and 2 and other ADC for  channels 3 and 4.
This allows two channels to be used simultaneously for both 2GSa / s speeds as well as 200M sample memory.
On the other hand, if all channels are in use, then all channels have a sample rate of 1GSa / s and a maximum memory length of 100M.

This model does NOT in any way replace the 2000X plus model.
The SDS2000X Plus and SDS2000X HD are two completely and totally different devices, each continuing in parallel in its own segment, even they have same frequency band and same sampling speed. So don’t let the number 2000 lead to the idea that this would now be the newer 2000X Plus. It is not now or later. Even the price is at least double, inside China(!), compared to the SDS2104X Plus and 2104X HD

This model have quite low noise front. These are typical values:
2354X HD: 65uVrms @1mV/div 50ohm, ENOB 8.4
2204X HD: 55uVrms @1mV/div 50ohm, ENOB 8.6
2104X HD: 50uVrms @1mv/div 50ohm, ENOB 8.7
ENOB (typical):@ 99.99 MHz, -0.5 dBFS input, 20 mV/div scale, 50Ω input impedance (100 MHz model input is 49.99 MHz)

Math channels 2  (note: Average and ERES are now rt acq modes, they are not channel math.)
Naturally cascaded math channels is supported.
 - FFT max is 2M (221)pts (max 2x FFT 2M simultaneously)

3 acquisition modes (as is also least in SDS6000A).
- Auto (this is Normal default mode with user definable memory max limit.)
In this normal mode, independent of memory depth, whole memory length is visible in display. In this mode also automatic measurements can "see" whole length (with full sample resolution or more resolution due to interpolation between samples with fast timebases)

- Fixed user selectable samplerate

- Fixed user selectable memory length
In this mode, part of memory length can be hidden outside of display horizontal border or borders, depending t/div and memory length and trigger position what user have selected. This "ancient" mode have also been, and still is, in Siglent conventional DSO models (but just forced, not user selectable and adjustable)
Restriction. Data for different functions, example automatic measurements, math etc can get only from displayed part of captured whole length (independent of display scale, data is always least full sampled resolution. When stopped, user can select different position and/or different t/div for zoom out or in.

Also there can select fast and slow Acq mode as have been in all Siglent SPO (DPO) models.
In slow mode, as in all Siglent DPO(SPO), it works like old ancient DSO. Trig, one acquisition, display....t,a,d...t,a,d....

My test setup was very poor... it was not real BW check at all... just fun playing with stepping sweep using old HP "state of art" tens of years old boat anchor (what still have some amazing good things).
Signal: 0dBm out, stepping sweep. HP N out to SDS BNC, Suhner RG223 1.50m (cable attenuation and mismatch not corrected, 0dBm is in HP out port. (not leveled at SDS input))

SDS2000X HD  data sheet

SDS2000X HD  User Manual

SDS2000X HD  Quick Start

[ will add later some more details here. ]

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It seems that the wave gen output is at the rear though, which sucks.


--- Quote from: rf-loop on January 11, 2022, 10:12:33 am ---Unfortunately, it is currently and at least so far only for the Chinese domestic market.

--- End quote ---

Hmm, yet the on the front panel and display everything is in English...which gives hope that it might be exported at some point :-+


--- Quote from: pope on January 11, 2022, 10:24:51 am ---Interesting.

It seems that the wave gen output is at the rear though, which sucks.

--- End quote ---

Maybe it doesn't have AWG built in? Many scopes don't..


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