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Siglent SDS2000X HD, missing Features and Bugs

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Makes me so curious, I´ll test it in the next minutes.. ;)

Bingo... ;)

Disconnecting the probes, setting all the channels manually to 1:10, then adjusting the decoder threshold-levels.
Re-booting the scope, now the threshold values remain.
Siglent, we have a bug in the autosense circuit (programm?)... 8)
And this seems to affect not only the level setting for the decoding, because I had already told early that when fall back from the bodeplot mode a channel is set back to 1:1, although a 1:10 autosense probe was connected and recognized as such before starting the bodeplot.
Or how the scope froze for me for the first time a few weeks ago, with the message that it had detected a probe on channel 3, although the probe was already connected.
So it seems to influence many things, a rather serious bug.


--- Quote from: 2N3055 on September 08, 2023, 12:56:08 pm ---Here is a snapshot from my scope. On screen blue trace is much brighter, lighter blue than on this image. That is why I was confused, I have no trouble seeing it.
But I think your request is good one, it should be user configurable..

As a side note, to make it easier to read (if you have problem with blue) enable Color grading in Display menu... Maybe that helps a bit..

--- End quote ---

Thanks 2N3055,

I tried your idea, and it seems a bit better.

Actually, I can see the dark blue details on the oscilloscope screen, but they appeared too dark to be seen on my laptop.

Here are the new captures.

Firmware update V1.2.2.5 is available!

Its not just a software update of the OS, but also reprogramming the FPGA to version 2023-05-30  :o

YES  :-+


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