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Siglent SDS2000X HD, missing Features and Bugs

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Starting a new one for the new one...
Bugs I don´t explore one so far, but missing features I got some on my wishlist.  ;)

Let me start with three.

- 4 mathchannels, nearly every 4-ch scope from other brands got this.
- Possibility to choose Black and White for "printing" the screen.
Choosing channel/function colours, this already exists - But not explicit for the "printing".
Means, you could different colours for on screen and what´s printing.
- Digital filters (HP, LP, BP) with the possibility to choose cutoff independend from the actual timebase.

This are the same features I´ve requested for my former SDS2K+.
I was told, for performance reasons this wouldn´t be possible(math) and I´ve accepted that.
But now I got a scope which costs more than double, they shouldn´t tell me the same again.


After ending the Bode Analyze function, system returns to the last settings ( last several times...) but internal AWG still remains ON.
(Also with external AWG)

Another Bug :

No screenshots possible when Bode Analyzer is activated ( NO Operation, just the Mode)  :o
(Works after Restart)

Maybe a bug:

After ending Bode analyzer and returning, one channels´ratio will not turned back correctly.
My tests are with the 10x probes on 2 channels (ch1 and ch3), both were detected as 10x.
After ending Bode and falling back, ch3 is 1x, you have to plug out/in the probe again for 10x.

(Hope I described it nearly clear)

Feature request:

1. Bode plot - Speed

The speed of the bode plot is awful, especially compared to other scopes on the market. Hopefully the implementation can be improved to increase the speed.

2. Bode plot - Phase unwrap

When measuring a circuit with output inverted compared to input, the phase jumps from -180 deg to 180 deg frequently, polluting the graph. Would be nice if the phase can be unwrapped.

3. Acquisition - Low/High/Band pass filters

My first oscilloscope, the Rigol DS1052E, which I believe is more than 10 years old, had fast Low/High/Band pass filtering performed (I beleive) in hardware, and is extremely helpful for characterising analog signals, which I believe is what 12-bit scopes are really for. I really hope some form of LP/HP/BP filtering function can be added to the scope.

4. FFT - Logarithmic X axis

Would be very helpful to get an option to display the frequency scale in log scale, so that lower frequency content can be viewed more clearly on measurements spanning multiple decades.

5. FFT - Power/voltage density Y axis units (dBm/rt Hz, V/rt Hz)

Given how low noise the front end is, and with a 12 bit ADC + hardware 3-bit ERES, makes this instrument great at analysing noise - potentially. Having the ability to display Y-axis in units like dBm/rt Hz, V/rt Hz in addition to the Log X axis feature requested above, would turn this instrument into an alternative to dynamic signal analysers (DSA). Hopefully Siglent can be the first to be able to do this, given their recent launch of multiple 12 bit scopes, I'd actually happily pay for such a software option  :-DD.


--- Quote ---1. Bode plot - Speed

The speed of the bode plot is awful, especially compared to other scopes on the market.
--- End quote ---

Directly compared side by side or from your mind ?
And: by the same amount of points ?
Otherwise you can´t compare it.
I´ve did bode plot with maximum points between 10hz and 1Mhz (99 points/dec), this last long without a question.
But this won´t disturb me so much as the "fallback" time and the still activated generator and the not flawless recovered user settings on the channels before using bode.


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