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New models similar to the SDS5000X form factor but with revised front panel layout and whispered release is early 2020.

2 GSa/s, BW's 70 to 500 MHz only 100, 200 and 350 MHz models to western markets. BW upgrade option to 500 MHz available (for 2 channels to meet 500 MHz BW)
Storage depth up to 200 Mpts/ch
120,000 wfm/s
2 or 4ch models.
8 and 10 bit modes
10" touch display with keyboard and mouse support
16ch MSO option
Standard Decodes:  IIC, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN. Optional: CAN FD, FlexRay, IIS, MIL-STD-1553B each $269
(Sent and Manchester decodes added in FW V1.3.7R5 Nov20)
2 Mpts FFT.
1M and 50 Ohm inputs.
Auto probe sense.
Inbuilt 50 MHz AWG option $219
Power Analysis option $269

BW upgrade options

Released Jan 16 2020

SDS2102X Plus $ 999
SDS2104X Plus $ 1399
SDS2204X Plus $ 2199
SDS2354X Plus $ 2999

Upgrade SDS2354X Plus bandwidth to 500 MHz (Only two channels) $1,399, others available.

Siglent video 70s

First look at the SDS2104X Plus by Defpom

June 3 2020
Dave has a dive into the insides of the 350 MHz SDS2354X Plus, installs the 500 MHz BW option by way of a hack and finishes with a tangle with the 10 bit mode.

Howardlong comparison video:

X-Y mode from post #1432

Note: since all above videos were done some firmware releases have been released that have addressed issues identified.

POI list
Mainboard replacement:
Dot mode discussion, this post and following:
Performa01 Report
Member TK's LA adapter:
Probe autosense values:
DIY LA probe:
Fan replacement.  ::)
Reply #2939 and later.
Curve tracer:
Hard case options:
WiFi connectivity solution

Siglent SDS2000X Plus firmware webpage:

Looks nice. Question is price. <$3500 for 500mhz and it's a killer.

Probe detection but not probe supply? Great compromise for the entry class but I guess the SDS2000X will be more a mid-range scope from Siglent's point of view.

Actual 10 bit or interpolation? Probably the latter.

Will it have true pulse width measurement where you can set the mid-measurement references?  Now all pulses are read at 50%.  Also will the Cursor Control be easier to use the in some of their other scopes?  I'm game for buying a new scope at the end of this year (expense it off) for my business, but I have been burned by Siglent last year, so I would need to get my hands on one before I decide to purchase it.


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