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Siglent SDS2104X+ vs. Rigol MSO5074 - display readability

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I own a Siglent SDS1104X-E.  It’s a fine ‘scope, but to my eyes the display text is hard to read at normal working distance (too small).

From a visibility perspective which is a better upgrade?  Both are attractively on sale :-)

            Siglent SDS2104X Plus or Rigol MSO5074 ?

I have both the 1104 and the 2104, but not the Rigol.

The 2104 Siglent is a easier to read than the 1104 due to the larger size, however I don't find the 1104 all that hard to read.

Maybe these scope should allow font size adjustments.

Same for me. Readability is not great on the SDS1000.
Considering one of those flat Fresnel lenses. They where pretty common and cheap in the '90s for 14" monitors, and worked pretty well (used one for some time, before I switched to 17").
Using the scope through the network and a browser, duplicating the display on a larger monitor, could also be considered before spending big bucks... (not great, but does work)

You can indirectly(filmed) compare here :
But is not a real feel.
I don't have Siglent SDS1104X-E, but I think SDS1202X-E is similar. Compared to Rigol 5074 I think the upgrade worth  because of the bigger screen 9" vs 7", not because brightness. Also in this way Siglent SDS2104X is a clear winner, because his screen is 10", and does not seem to have a lower brightness than Rigol.
Another reason for winning is that  SDS2104X is curently in a promotion that challenge price supremacy of Rigol 5074.


--- Quote ---(...)and does not seem to have a lower brightness than Rigol.
--- End quote ---

Made my day.. ;)


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