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Siglent SDS6000A DSO's 500MHz-2GHz

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--- Quote from: Martin72 on December 28, 2021, 06:48:38 pm ---I think, offering the "waste amount" of decoding types like lecroy wr/hdo does, would be a real benefit.
And, of course, digital filter package...
And multigrid display.
And Wavescan.
And milk and honey.... ;D
The first three things would fit to an scope like this.

--- End quote ---

I think a real benefit would be if they develop some sort of interface where we can add our own
decoders. Imagine a github depository with hundreds or even thousands of protocols !!!
In the long term, it would be less work for Siglent, and a great benefit for all of their users ...



--- Quote from: Sighound36 on December 28, 2021, 04:32:31 pm ---Question for the 6000 owners either one, what is your touch screen response like?

--- End quote ---
It's pretty smooth in most scenarios, but there's a bit of a lag when turning on FFT with high storage. However, you can use the knob to set channel parameters normally while FFT is refreshed.
BTW: Except for zooming and looking at the waveform, I prefer to use the knob for the most part. :-DD

LOL... :-DD

For those that may be able to experiment with Eye+Jitter, the option code is "EJ".

Don't know if it works...

if I read this thread well, only an SDS6000 PRO model was confirmed to permit option unlocking.
Could someone please confirm if unlocking still works with recent FW/OS versions of an SDS6000 A model?

Because these findings are somewhat concerning:

If unlocking wouldn't work anymore, the current WaveSurfer 4000 HD "fully loaded" promotion is very very tempting. Half the max. BW, but 12 bits and actually more functions out of the box compared to Siglent.

Btw, hello from a long time lurker - engineer in disguise of a physicist :D


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