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Siglent SDS6000A DSO's 500MHz-2GHz

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--- Quote from: JPortici on October 10, 2022, 08:37:52 am ---
I do :)
Yes, the ui gets slowed down, about as much as in any scope i've ever used (beside keysight for the obvious reasons, but i'll take everything more this scope has over ui speed when doing lots of stuff).
When i have busy setups i stop acquisition after i have acquired what i want to look at. Scope in stop mode is much more responsive for obvious reasons. Then there's the history mode to look back at previous acquisitions.
Or if things must run, once it's set up and i let it run it's as responsive as ever

--- End quote ---

I hear you !  :-)

Yeah, I also put it in Stop more after a capture ...

Anyway, I was hoping to hear from somebody who had a chance
to use both the SDS5000 and SDS6000.  I wonder if the 6000 is
faster or not ...


I would also be Interested in whether the SDS6000 is as much faster as the SDS5000 ?

It means that the SDS 6000 has a better CPU, but is it faster ?
If so, noticeably faster?

Thank You

Welcome to the forum.

There might be some info on capabilities here:

Note, this video is 5 mths old so may not have the last released V1.4.3.3 firmware installed.

Posted in the SDS2000X HD thread and for completeness a size comparison of SDS6000A vs SDS2000X HD pic added here too. Random probes in use that were close to hand.

Defpom has nearly an hour long look at our SDS6204A.
Grab a seat and drink......  :popcorn:


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