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Siglent SSA3000X-R 5/7.5GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

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Exciting news
Siglent has released product information on their chinese website for a real-time spectrum analyzer with 5 and 7.5GHz range, 40MHz bandwidth.

It also looks like the SSA3000X Plus and SVA1000X series are getting 7.5GHz versions

I think 2020 is going to be a exciting year for Siglent :-)

Really nice news to see, now the inexpensive SA players have broken into the higher bandwidths.  I hope they have a VNA version on the way too, even if only a single port like their current lower bandwidth offerings.

Looks like it's got 40MHz realtime bandwidth too!

Yes this new SSA3000X-R range is not to be confused with the recently updated SSA3000X Plus range which will have only a 7.5 GHz version coming early-mid 2020 to add to the existing 2.1 and 3.2 GHz versions.

Looks pretty interesting. Slightly worse phase noise than the Rigol and no IF output though. More expensive too, possibly? (although I guess it depends on what options are included and how they are priced).

These two making a mockery of the Keysight and R&S pricing though.

Comparison to Rigol RSA5065


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