Author Topic: Good multimeter for general purpose electronics repair, etc..?  (Read 210 times)

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So I'm looking into which one to buy and so far I've just been using sub $20 meters. The most expensive meter I have is the DER DE-5000 but I want an actual multimeter for voltage, etc... with protection..

I have an open budget but I'm hoping to spend under $200 or so..

I would like temperature to be a part, I do want a high accuracy and a bar graph would be nice with faster update speed than LCD ( ie: not a gimmick version )
etc... A backlight would be nice. I would prefer to not have the new style LCD gimmick going around ( the black ) as if I ever do decide on using it outside, they are hard to read and I do plan on building my own backup generator solution along with solar, wind and water power generation - battery storage, etc...

+ Temp
+ Backlight
+ High count / high accuracy
+ graph
+ min / max

any more features which may be useful for my use-cases...

It will be used for electronics, repair, ranging from small to large ( PCB stuff to home energy solutions ).

I am more of a software guy, but I am getting into hardware with what little time I do have available to me when I'm able to move around. I have worked on a few projects - mostly software and I have built a few things. I have done a lot of repairs - I can usually diagnose and repair an issue pretty easily... I have only had 1 issue with my APC 1300 but I haven't spent a lot of time looking into that just yet....

I would rather buy quality once than buy cheap things over and over again, so if it is a big more, that's fine. A lifetime warranty would be ideal.

I was looking into a few such as the Fluke 17B+ but that comes with 0 warranty outside of China. EEVBlog Brymen units, etc.. but I'm unsure on those warranties and they've been hard to find in stock.

What do you recommend?
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Re: Good multimeter for general purpose electronics repair, etc..?
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I'd look at the DMMs from Keysight for your use case. Well respected A-brand and reasonable prices.
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Look at the Brymen BM869s.  Right price range, a bit on the large side, though.  I think the 869s comes with a temp probe, I've got the 867s which is specified a bit lower and has fewer accessories, don't think it will do temperature.
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Remember: One meter isn't enough. You need at least two. One of them can be cheap (eg. There's plenty of very capable Chinese meters for $25, they're just not CAT rated).

Brymen are the best bang/buck for "serious" meters, they're sold under the Greenlee brand in the USA (and are green in color  :o ).

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