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Hey there folks, long time lurker.  I have a situation that requires a very specific set of requirements from a signal generator.  I'm looking to generate 2 sine waves, 10v peak to peak, at frequencies between 1hz and 200khz.  The difficulty is, they have to be offset so that one = sin and the other = cos.  Basically so the X/Y will be a "perfect" circle.  With what we do we've never really had a need that required having a signal generator around that we couldn't accomplish by other means, so I frankly don't have a ton of experience shopping for one, but this scenario is a showstopper without a good, accurate pair of signals.  My budget is preferably in the 3-800USD range, but I can stretch that to about 1200USD if needed.

Any advice on what to go towards or avoid?  I can look at datasheet after datasheet but none of them seem to tell me if I can do a cos offset.  Is this such a standard feature on 2 channel generators it's not even mentioned, or is it rare enough that I'm better off finding a way of offsetting the sync between 2 small cheap generators?

Thanks for any advice you folks are willing to give.

No two-channel function generator that I have ever seen is incapable of this, it's just a 90° phase angle.

A State Variable Oscillator produces quadrature signals.

See my THD analyser project ("Generator" schematic) for one example of many:

Your other option is DDS.

EDIT: oops, sory, wrong forum section; you're looking to buy a commercial unit, not build something.

An easy one, I reckon! I am looking at a perfect circle on my 'scope right now - anything from a few Hz to 200Khz my sig gen is producing two independent outputs of sine waves, locked to the same source frequency, and 90 degrees (or anything else I wanted to specify) apart. Sin and Cos!

Twelve hundred bucks, you say? OK, that will be $300 of the Rigol DG1022, and $900 for my expert advice ^-^

oh, ok - SMALL caveat - looks like Channel 2 only goes up to 6V PK-PK. I will reduce my fee to $800 accordingly...


great!  It sounds like the rigol DG4062 is the right way to go for this then.  Thanks so much for the assistance folks, great group of people here.


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