Author Topic: Does anyone have any experience with the Uni-T UTP305 0-30V 0-5A Power Supply?  (Read 5423 times)

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I'm talking about this $70 Ebay special..  eBay auction: #

I'm just wondering if it's any better than all the Ebay no name power supplies, for light benchtop duty that doesn't require utmost precision?  I know Uni-T doesn't give a vote of confidence in build quality, but I'm hoping that it doesn't have the "no name power supply" voltage spike during power on.

Anybody use this power supply, or know of anyone that has any experience with one?  Is it worth the money spent, or not worth the red paint on the housing?   :-DD

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Have you seen this review?

PSU seems to be half decent for the price. Not great on thermal side of things, but at least it should be safe enough (with respect to earthing and wiring quality).
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Thanks, and yea, that's the only review I could find.  Guess that it's just not that popular for some reason, because I can't find any more information about it, even on the Uni-T website.  The fact that it's not even listed on the Uni-T website (even in past/discontinued products), means it is probably just a china bootleg, not even made by Uni-T... 

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Uni-T seems to use a red housing for all their T&M equipment lately. Either you like it, or you don't.
It's not my favorite color for a housing, I must say :)

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Hi, I have this powersupply. Up to now it's working good. Pot's feel good and it's readings are exactly the same as my multimeter. For now I don't use it very often. Only problem I discovered is that at some point a relay is oscillating (fast clicking) and you have to raise or lower voltage or current setting.. This rarely  happens and i'm still figuring out why it's happening. Other than that it is a very good powersupply. All the low end powersupplies on the internet are made by a few Chinese companies and they rebrand their units for different big companies I think. This powersupply is also rebranded. Check this website.

A variant of this powersupply is also on the UNI-T website.

I have also ordered a second powersupply, the Tekpower TP3005T. Very good reviews on Amazon. This one is also rebranded for circuitspecialists.See website here

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