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Title: sigrok with MSO1104Z
Post by: Gioreva on April 16, 2017, 04:30:20 pm
I installed pulseview-NIGHTLY-32bit-static-release-installer.exe for Window.
Already i have UltraSigma, UltraScope ecc.

Sigrok, Connected to Rigol TCP/IP found my device.
It connects, send the commands, changes parameter, start the acquisition, but nothing appair on PC windows.
What can I try ?
Title: Re: sigrok with MSO1104Z
Post by: Electro Fan on May 22, 2019, 09:05:30 am
I know this is a very old/long ago thread but I'm interested in trying what I think the OP was trying....

I understand that Rigol 2000 scopes are supported by Sigrok PulseView but I didn't quite understand how the data is supposed to get from the Rigol scope to PulseView.  After reading this old post is it correct that the scope is connected to a PC via TCP/IP and then PulseView will find and decode the data probed by the Rigol 2000s 2 analog channels?  If this is a yes, any chance Sigrok can take also decode data from a MSO2072A's digital channels too?