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Software File for OptiView SIII Wireless Network Analyzer Option (opvwna-v3.exe)


Hello to the fellow Fluke OptiView owners,

I just posted about this under the wanted/for sale part of the forum, but I believe that this is a good fit here too. I am in a tough spot. I need this software file in order to regain functionality to measure WLANs but unfortunately I lost my recovery CD. The manual for the OptiView says that it can be downloaded for free on but they transferred the Optiview range to NetScout, but they didn't apparently get this software in the acquisition, but Fluke purged these archives because they became the IP of NetScout. It's a real shame.

If anybody has an Optiview SIII with that file on it (opvwna-v3.exe) or even the program itself, please write me and I will be sure to make it worth your while!

Thank you!

Hi, you've probably got the software, but if not, I can give it to you. Ivan B.

Would you happen by chance to have a copy of the Optiview WAN and/or Optiview Workgroup Analyzer software?


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