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Title: Peaktech 3440 - Software problem solved
Post by: Awap on November 20, 2017, 01:23:40 pm
I bought the Peaktech 3440 because I liked to have a simple portable graph/data logger.
Because there is not a lot of info on this meter in the various fora, I like to share my experiences.

Was happy with my trusty old Voltcraft M3860M and VC820. Both have a RS232 connection, connected to a RS232 to USB cable, to Wifi Hub,  to the Windows PC with Logview  :-/O
But too much wires and not too much transportable and flexible.

I like the 3440:
- Screen graphs good resolution, readable, doesn't scratch easy.
- Battery life 8 hours, 3 hours charging. But one hour charging is good for again a few hours logging.
- Data transfer fast. A full set of 10000 data lines will take 1 to 2 minutes downloading to the PC.
- It's accurate.
- Like the 50000 counts range while measuring LiPo's.
- Options and menu's are nice to work with.

- No ON/OFF switch, nice to have if you are using always the same measurement mode.

Like to share my problems setting up the software on my WIN10 Home PC:
Setting up the PC software took me 4 hours.
Couldn't get it to work with a Blue Tooth dongle but with the enclosed Peaktech dongle it worked at the end.
My problem was that during "Scanning device" the 3440 was found (with RSSI reading) but the "multimeter.exe" program immediately closed with an error.

Sollution: run the "mulimeter.exe" file under "Vista service pack 2 compatibility mode" . Administrator rights not needed.

Question: The android app's "Meterbox Pro" and "Peaktech Multimeter" work, the logdata is saved. But I'm not able to share the logs via email or *.CSV. Also the logdata is not accessible in the Android system (hidden files allowed). Android problem or App problem?

Happy with the 3440.