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Solartron (Schlumberger) 7150 plus
« on: June 08, 2013, 12:28:31 pm »
Hello! I am Ovidiu from Romania
I got an Solartron/Schlumberger 7150 Plus for free from a friend as defective (he said that someone tryied to repair it before i get it) and i want to try to repair it.
The problem is that it display FAIL 1. After some research on web, i find a schematic in an maintenence manual on Elektrotanya, and i find some differeces from it:
- MCU IC 103 is HD637B01V0P (but it has al sticker on it where writes 7150 / 5251 / BA) instead of HD68P01M0-1 (in schematic diagram)
- Non volatile memory IC105 was 93C46 adapted with some wires (instead of NC 7033 in schematic diagram), and IC 106' s place is empty, with no traces of soldering, like it was never before there.
Where can i find original memory (memories) for it (i can't find anything on web about original NC 7033)? Can these be replaced with someone else? If so, with what type and where can i find the hex files to program it (them)? And with what interface?
If it is necessary, i will post some pictures with the inside of it)
Thank you very much.
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