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Hey everyone. I have recently purchased a Solartron 7150 Plus in the hope of using it as a transfer standard for my hand held multimeters, and also generally as another multimeter. I was aware of the problems with the mains filters, and mine blew up on me. It's finally starting to smell a little less after a few weeks now. 

Anyway. I decided to look into getting it calibrated, but before that I thought I'd test what I could to see if it was wildly out. I has some 0.01-0.1% Vishay resistors to try in 100ohm,1k,10k and 100k values so I hooked them up. The 100ohm read as ~93!!! the rest were >0.75% from the absolute value they should have been. I was shocked. Could this have something to do with the filter going? Sadly I have no voltage or current references at the moment to try with it to see how far they are out.

I'm in the UK and have contacted to ask if they can take a look and adjust it but they told me they can only test and not adjust (it uses a GPIB to make adjustments), so not overly useful. I don't really want to spend £70 to find out how far out of cal it is. Does anyone here know of somewhere in the UK that might be able to adjust the meter? Is 7% too far to adjust? I do have the option of sending it back from whence it came and getting a refund if it comes to that.

Thanks in advance.

Paul Price:
It is way out of cal, send it back, it's now nothing you need or lack. Get a used Fluke or HP that can be cal'd. Burnt IC's can make you puke.

So what am I looking for which can be easily adjusted? Something with pots to twiddle with my tongue at the right angle??

Paul Price:

Just to be sure, you have checked these resistors on another meter, right?


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