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Solmon SL20 mod and teardown


Got my hands on some second hand test equipment and parts, including this iron.
I played around with it and decided to use it as my main iron, but in order to do it as i like to do it i needed to add a power switch. After i did that i realized that this is old soldering station, entirely analogue and someone here may be interested in what's inside. Pics were taken after i added power switch and from what i can see this unit was already modified by its original owner.

Chips are 2x LM339 and one LM324. Power to the heater is controlled by BT136 triac.

Not exactly old, still available as new ( I have one) and with the spares available cheap, like the complete iron ( fits SL20 and 30) and the transformers and the main board. Somebody took the time to mount it in that case, it comes in a sloped plastic case normally, they cut out the front panel ( where the board sits )and mounted it in the metal case. Only issues you will have are the DIN plug corroding inside with years of use and going intermittent, but a new socket is quite cheap or free if you have an old XT board lying around to take the keyboard connector out of it. In the original white plastic ( mine is now yellow) it has a power switch, though some people leave it on always with no problems. Replacement tips are cheap, got plenty around, and they are cheap new retail by me. Got 2 sitting next to me in a baggie I picked up free a few weeks ago.


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