Author Topic: Keysight MSOX3104T Start-Up Problem!  (Read 5121 times)

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Re: Keysight MSOX3104T Start-Up Problem!
« Reply #50 on: November 03, 2018, 12:10:00 am »
As with all electronics, we can't guarantee that it'll be trouble free forever. But, the new NAND protection in our firmware is orders of magnitude more reliable than previous versions (internal data backs up that claim).

I wonder how the original design made it through the design review process? This is really a rhetorical question as I wouldn't expect you to know.

I bought this scope directly from Keysight, so I'm also wondering why they didn't notify me via email (they had my address from the order) to update the FW? I've gotten written notices from car companies every time they have a recall (and some of these were merely annoying issues, not just safety-related issues)--perhaps Keysight should do something similar.

I bought my scope through TestEquity but I have it registered under my MyKeysight account which does cause me to get some emails about the products I own. I believe that I have received notifications of new software for the scope but don't remember any that suggested it was an urgent update (I learned of the NAND issue on this forum). Checking one of the messages I see that I asked for certain updates:

Your current email subscription             Frequency   Selection
Forum update                                 Weekly   My assets only
Product Manual                               Weekly   My assets only
Application notes                            Weekly   My assets only
Software update alert                        Weekly   My assets only
New FAQs                                     Weekly   My assets only

I will note that I see a lot of forum updates for "Truevolt Series 6.5 & 7.5 Digit Multimeters" that have nothing to do with a DMM.


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