Author Topic: Suggestion of Ultrasonic cleaner for general PCB cleaning and flux removal?  (Read 320 times)

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What do you guys suggest for an ultrasonic cleaner than can be used for flux removal? Also what flux removal solution do you suggest?

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There have been a few threads on it, but I think you can probably get some good info as replies too.

In my limited experience, there are the expensive ultrasonic cleaners that most people can recommend, and then there are the various cheap brands of varying quality.  I ended up going with a cheapy with certain restrictions: all stainless steel, variable frequency, with preheater, and it was around $100 for something that can accommodate small to medium (almost video card size) boards, and I've been fairly happy - though no gasket on the lid or damping on the basket makes it quite noisy in operation until dampened.... even then I like to run it in another room with the door closed.

As for cleaners, I use alconox.  Comes dry and dissolves quickly, seems to be generally regarded as safe, easy to use, and good for a lot of cleaning types.  The kind of flux you're cleaning off matters, and there are cleaners specifically for flux too.  Some people will recommend isoproyl alcohol, and others will tell you that heating and agitating IPA in a small area is a recipe for starting a fire - I have no experience using it, I'll stick to regular detergents and water.

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I use an old Branson that originally came from a dental clinic. It was originally expensive but I didn't pay much for it. Might be worth checking the used market, these things are typically pretty reliable.

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You want a waterbased flux cleaning detergent. Avoid solvents or flammable products in an ultrasonic cleaner.

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