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Suggestions for Kelvin probes??

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I'm looking for a set of 4-wire Kelvin probes for my Dana 5100 DMM.     It uses Banana binding posts.  Shrouded plugs will not work.

 I have less than £50 invested in the meter.   I can't quite bring myself to spend £100 for a Pomona 6303.      Suggestions?

Pomona 6303:

Make your own?   :-//

Just grab a probe and add two cables, of course you won't ever  compensate the tip, but...

I made my own with some cheap Chinese clips.  Search on ebay.


--- Quote from: Andrew_Debbie on October 16, 2021, 03:35:09 pm ---Pomona 6303:

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Don't buy. Wires are connected inside the tip, so you don't compensate for the contact resistance.

My personal favourite (I am not a professional EE) is this:

Sold as "UNI-T compatible". Goes for $25-30 delivered on ebay or $20 on aliexpress. Very solid construction, gold-pated clips, flexible wire.

I have some cheap "traditional" clips from ebay, but the plating matters  :-[

If you need "tip" connection as oppposed to the "crocodile"-style connection, you may consider Mueller BU-7042-F-48-2 (and there is a mating black one):

but the tip spacing is about 4mm and it does not really work for SMD.

I think that the best SMD-style kelvin probe could be two parallel pogo pins. Solder wires, wrap one tip with scotch tape, put botth of them in a heatshrink tube so that they are parallel, put result into an old pen, and you should have good kelvin clips!  Haven't tried it myself though.


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