Author Topic: agilent/keysight lab power supply E3642A vs U8002A  (Read 1510 times)

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agilent/keysight lab power supply E3642A vs U8002A
« on: September 10, 2015, 10:12:36 pm »
Hi guys and gals. I can't make my mind over which one of mentioned above is right one to go for.
150$ in price difference make it tough one to decide on. Is programmable option/function enough of justification for price tag?
pls help.
And lets say the designation isn't right now the biggest factor, is it really worth extra cash for more advanced model ?


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Re: agilent/keysight lab power supply E3642A vs U8002A
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2015, 02:27:26 am »
imo, no but it depends.
They are not really comparable, its going to come down to what you really need it for.
The E3642A is much lower power, and has connectivity via serial gpib. The U8002A is a big beasty grunter,with no connectivity at all. If you dont need that much power, the U8001A is even cheaper. Do you need connectivity or current?
In my opinion the U8000 series is good value for high quality supply. If you do need remote control or monitoring, the much more modern
e36100 series has usb/lan, but is expensive. If you want lots of bells and whistles, rigol 832 is hard to beat.

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