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TDS 540 problem

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Today I've got a TDS540 oscilloscope with options 13, 1M and I think 2F (I don't know exactly).
The problem is it doesn't turn on.
Despite I read a lot of comment regarding capacitor leaking in my unit none of the capicitora are leak. (A lot of fortune!!)
I think it is a psu problem.
When I plug in the power cord and turn on the instrument, nothing happens.
Near the psu I can hear tick-to sound.
Any one have a schematics for that power supply circuit?
The model is: 22904700 rev F.
Any body have some idea on what ca be wrong?
Thanks for the attention.
Best regards, Alberto Vaudagna.

If the PSU does audible sound like tik tik tik (or tak tak tak  :P  ) then I think you will have to check and replace the elec. caps. Good luck

Are the fan and CRT unit connected? If those are not connected, the CPU won't start (it will go into overvoltage protection on the 24V bus).

You can download the TDS520B component level service manual from Tektronix. There is a diagram in there but not all the PSU's are 100% the same.

Yes they are. So look at the capacitor?

That sound tik tik tik could mean shorted diode in PSU secondary or some power rail shorted.


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