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TDS5054 screen Shots
« on: April 18, 2020, 06:27:25 pm »
Beside on the scope itself doing a screen print, pasting in to Paint, and then saving to a USB Thumb drive and then transferring that file to a computer that I am editing on (whew), is there a way to get a screen shot off of a TDS5054 through the GPIB port, or network?

I have it on the bench and a network cable going to a switch above the bench, but being Windows 2000, it can see the network, but can not talk to it, and the other computers can not see it.  Windows 2000 has been too much water under the bridge to remember how to network it.  I know it does not have TCP/IPv6, or even TCP/IPv4 for that matter.  If I go to the effort to see if those protocals are available for Windows 2000, would that fix the problem?  I don't know if you could browse to the scope on the network and see it's screen (like you can with a Siglent scope)?  Even if I could save a screen shot locally on scope and share that folder, that would be okay, or, on the scope save a screen shot to a network folder, that would be okay.

Ideally, a utility or program that can capture a screen shot via GPIB would be the best solution.  OpenChoice does not support the TDS5054, even though it is 7-8 years newer.  It does not appear Tek has a utility to do this.

Anyone have experience with a TDS5054?


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