Author Topic: Teardown : Tektronix TCA-1MEG high-impedance amplifier for TekConnect  (Read 1751 times)

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High-end Tektronix (series 7000/70000) have proprietary TekConnect HF inputs, which accept only 50 ohm inputs.
This limits usage of such scopes only to special (read - expensive) TekConnect active probes.

Also using DIY is not a simple forward path either, as even simple passive adapter from TekConnect to BNC or SMA (TCA-BNC, TNC-SMA) cost few hundreds USD on ebay easy!

If you want use 1 Meg input impedance options even more limited, with Tek's offering of TCA-1MEG amplifier, which costs ~500$ used.

Was lucky to get one of these relatively cheap, so here's a teardown (article per image link):

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