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Tek 465b - Transistor Position on Board
« on: January 31, 2018, 08:10:37 pm »
Found a scan. The Fet is in the correct position - lug pointing downwards.

Tektronix 465b

When repairing the Ch.1 Var control - case off, power off - I accidentally knocked a transistor out of it's base. Stupid idiot I hear you say. The board is 670-5998, the Vertical Mode Switch.

I think it might be a FET rather than tr. So the lug would be Source.

So. Does the emitter/source of the transistor/FET (the lug) point to the bottom, or have I got it the wrong way round?

I'd be so grateful if a forum member would point me in the right direction for this error on my part. Although I have the service manual, I don't have scan of this board.

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