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Tek CSA7404/TDS7000 repair project (Upgraded memory/CPU)

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i went for a second strategy taking the orginal disk (chinese W2K) and tried to change the language back to let say 0409  English US
i  copied in the complete documents and settings from the english OS disk W2KSP3 so after a reboot i could read the most again.. apart from the  logonscreen and the shutdown screen.

i tried to  swap out the whole  winnt\system32\config  folder and yes that helped met getting  the OS to english but my options were broken .  grrrrr  so now i am looking for how to easy change the loginscreen and shutdown screen.

is this a registry setting which i overlooked or do i need to swap some files? if yes which onces. .?

and not to forget i still haven t back my ascii set  so no backshlash  and more and chinese caracters so  where can this be changed?

i think you should start all new and re-install everything ....

the tek software is still available for the 7k series, and you have updates files too to add into your installation,  but for your option,  maybe   before going too far, an registry export  should be good

ill check in the 7254 at my job

maybe some people here, can chime and check for this folder ??

@charlyD  there is some tek  option generator code here, python based ??

startup script c:\vxBoot\dio_rst.vsh   ???

BUt if i recall was the options loaded thru     vxboot   topScript.hw  file at boot stage ??

Hi why should i reinstall if this disk is working ok.
apart from drivers difference the disks are a sort of interchangable. which does not mean you don t have to do anything.
i don t have the W2K restore disks for the SF810 boards and the TDSet2 is not downloadable anywhere i found in the manual from TDSet3 you need to uninstall TDSet2 first but then it doesn t fill the option Ethernet Compliance or whatis called.

so the chinese pre-install works great, with a small last little problem the  correct  caracters and logon and shutdown in chinese. both are ok when i swap out the  system32\config

so it must be in the registry hive somewhere. i will  come back on this one as soon as it is fixed.

i think you should try to correctly install win2k language pack .... it should correct your keyboard login logout   etc ...

ill poke in our scope later today or this week  for tdset2 ....   if you have this folder  do you see some inf files ?? an executable  ???

do you really need this option ?

for the registry, i'm not so sure  it will be easy,  normally you export all related registry keys in to a reg file and try to import it ...   switching hive files is not simple,  you need all the other drivers folders etc ... and you do it on an second computer with your bootable drive and you chineese one ...  the scope os must not load ...

Im not sure (no pun intended)  the win2k registry contains all you need,  i think  tekscope is seen as an application on top of windows, and contain all it need to work ... i think  the secrets may reside in the VXWORK folder(s)

checking all the scripts  etc  ... may help you  ???   

Hi thanks for your reply. i tried the language packs already but will try again.  i want to bring the unit to its original (options) state which is ST and ET2 .  i exported parts of the registry already from the english US  installed OS but i can not get the right part one way or another. things to do which if found on the web will not work .....yet.  or let say it different i didn t find the right clue.

btw i even tried  SP4 _english  and changed some reg setting to 0409  but nothing


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