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Tek CSA7404/TDS7000 repair project (Upgraded memory/CPU)

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Sorry for giving you a bad impression, my old computer is not connected to the Internet... so I just used my phone to take the photos.
I successfully stopped the boot and set up nvram according to the link. But my 7104 still stays on the 'welcome' interface after booting.
I'll keep trying to fix it, thank you very much for your help.

My 7104 successfully entered the oscilloscope! ! !

During the troubleshooting, I found that the NVRAM voltage was abnormal. After replacing it with a new one and setting the NVRAM, my instrument was able to work normally! ! !

Thank you again! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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bu sure to wait at least  20 mins,  with no  probes

do  a self calibration,  it will go clicking for a few minutes,  you need to see pass

and do spc    when finished you have to get no errors codes  on all the informations   

it will rewrite files in the calcon folder, in you vxWorks folder on c:\    who could be hidden ...

i had errors  because of an eeprom corruption in the acquisition section ...

I replaced the sram which is HM628128DLT5SL,but it also show nvram walking one test failed. There is another chip DS13D12,I am not sure I should replace this one or use another new nvram chip.

finally I replaced the nvram. and now it's working properly.


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