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Title: TEK DPO4000C
Post by: itstechpro on December 26, 2015, 02:31:43 am
Looks like Tek realized that losing the TD / FD correlation in the DPO3000 "6-in-one-instrumen" was a mistake and created the 4000C '6-in-one-instrument' series, keeping the very valuable TD / FD correlation.  Unfortunately, the end of year promo on the 4000B-3 series isn't available on the C series.   :(
Has anyone actually used a 4000C series scope?  The SA specs do not appear to have improved over the B so I'm planning to take advantage of the promo and get a 4014B-3, 100MHz analog bandwidth scope with app bundle and hope that upgrading to 500MHz analog bandwidth will get cheaper in the next year or so. 

Upgrade to 500MHz doesn't seem to require a hardware change but going to 1GHz does ??  Can anyone confirm ??

Major bummer .... caught by the fine print.  4000B series NOT bandwidth upgradeable but 4000C series is; like the MDO3000.  So, what to do ... no promo available on the 4000C yet and the 16 channel logic analyzer is an option on the C.

MDO4054 (original pre B series) is available from several sources with DPO app bundle but what are the significant improvements in the Bseries over the earlier MDO4000?