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Identify RF sensor head
« on: December 26, 2015, 03:20:52 am »
Does anyone recognize the RF sensor part pictured in the attached assembly? It is a ceramic part with a input terminal on top that connects to the outer N-type head connector, and two terminals on the bottom that seem to be output terminals that come in contact with the rear assembly , part of which that holds receiving contacts is  made of a fiberglass round.

The sensor head was part of a RF Peak Power Meter made by Republic Electronic, a link with a picture of it:

The device seemed to measure up to 3kW RF peak power.

I wonder if the detector can be reused but not sure if it is operational and how to wire it. The detector element has the following marking: "reic 3015" on the side and "59 W29" on the bottom. It does not have continuity between any terminals, just shows about 30pF capacitance between the bottom terminals.

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