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--- Quote from: minerwelder on September 27, 2021, 02:51:48 am ---I did all of this I get no horizontal trace, I do get channel 1 and 2 dots that I can position I can get vertical line by touching the probes, also in trigger controls the slope button does nothing and the Level and HF reject do nothing, Thanks Kevin

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Yes, you are in for what is probably a moderately complex repair.  It looks like a fault in the trigger/sweep area. If the horizontal position knob will move the dots sideways enough, then the horizontal amp is likely OK.  So you first need to get a manual and get comfortable with setting it up in the service mode with the storage board folded upwards.  Start by testing all the power supplies and doing a close inspection of all the connectors--perhaps you get very lucky and something came undone.

David Hess:
I thought the 2221 used the same physical arrangement as the 2230 which would make it difficult to service, however the service manual at Tekwiki indicates that the 2221 uses the 2232 physical arrangement which is much easier because the storage board can be tilted out of the way without complete disassembly.  Page 6-7 describes it.

Be sure to start with a physical inspection to see if any connectors inside came loose.

Appreciate the help I'll get to look at it this afternoon!


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