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tektronix 2225 - still going strong?


I watched DJ's teardown of the tektronix 2225 CRO in 2011. I just wonder how it turned out in use? Has it proved reliable? Reason I ask is I am a fan of tektronix kit (great build quality) but in the past my tek 2215 proved to be a right PITA. The voltage tripler failed (£££$$$) but more difficult was the crazy "floating" psu. (Was in a world of its own) failed.  :palm:  I see from DL's video that the 2225 is a far superior design with basically a single board and a more conventional PSU.

I have been watching ebay for one (am in the UK) and just now there are 2225's in Israel and the States only. I'm waiting in hope a good one will show up.

Mine still works just fine. Have used in a recent video.


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