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So I've got the opportunity to pick up a Tektronix 2467b with some probes for free. It's been "obsoleted" but supposedly is in working order (and it's on an OEM Tek cart, nice!).

Would this unit be OK for a beginner working on simple low power (low speed) microcontroller projects based on Arduino and the like?

The first thing I will do with it is learn how to to see if my free function generator generates.  ;);area=showposts;u=63453

Those are terrific scopes.  If it is in good shape you may never outgrow it.

It's an awesome scope for anyone.  One minor issue is that it has a fairly aggressive screen blanker to keep you from burning the somewhat delicate MCP CRT.  You end up tweaking the intensity control frequently to keep it from blanking while you're looking at a waveform.

Good news: it powers up, and the self-calibration point displays a waveform.

Bad news: Attempting to bring up any menu results in a thin line across the middle of the display. So it looks like whatever drives the menu is bad.

Looking through the service manual (found online) it looks like the output of the readout is broken. There is a section on calibrating the readout but all it mentions is centering and gain. I was able to figure out how to run the self-test for the readout board and neither of the trigger LEDs lit - which is a good sign as having either light up would have meant a RAM or shift register failure.

But the schematic of the readout board is of little help to me, I'm a complete beginner and don't even know where to start looking. Perhaps someone here has seen something like this before?

Attached is what I see - flickr is down at the moment so I can't post photos.

Just a quick beginning for you: Start from pin 26 of J411, the vertical output from the readout board, and work backward. Make sure the vertical signal is being generated. It should come out somewhere near a TL074 on the readout board. This then goes through some analog stuff on the main board - look at TP800, and also check U485 (appears to be a quad matched transistor).

You'll need another scope to diagnose this. See if you can borrow one.

It's almost 2 AM here, so I haven't dug through diagrams much, but a lot of this on the main board should be in the vicinity of U400 (one of the big hybrids). The readout board is near the power supply.


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