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I have seen a Tektronix 5111A Storage with 5A18, 5A22N and 5B1n plugins is this a good scope to have, I am not sure if it has cursors and readouts which is some thing I would like on the next scope I get, also what sort of money are they worth.

AFIK the 5A22N is the same as the 7A22 which is a very nice differential amplifier that goes to 10┬ÁV/div. Google the manual on the 5A22, I think you will be impressed.

As far as I can tel the scope is only 2Mhz band width I have 40 Mhz with the old National that I have at present or is the bandwidth set by the plugins.

Wow, I could not find any manuals for the 5xxx series :-//

Lots of info here.

I also managed to download a pdf of the main instruction manual but for some reason it fails to upload onto the blog.


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