Author Topic: ($60 Owon B35T+) + (Graphic Display) >= ($300 Uni-T UT181A) ???  (Read 838 times)

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Note the Inequality  |O

So I'm totally sold on the "BEST+" but it is so affordable (cheap) I figure for another $50-100 I could find the same features in a graphical display DMM.

What was I thinking?

For the $300 UT181A, I'd start looking for a DSO that would replace my Tek 465B, but then the DSO's I've researched do not have all the simple bells and whistles a DMM has even if they say it does "DMM" too.  That is another mystery.  With all the performance of an actually o-scope, the cost of embedding a complete DMM before the preamps would be, well, less than the cost of the DMM itself - so what, another $50 added to a $300 class DSO?

I must be retarded with all these crazy thoughts...  :rant:

I suspect in the next year, the DMM market is going to be flooded with graphical displays.  But not now.

And the Fluke 289 with it's clap trap BluTooth thingee-ma-bob is embarassing - kind of like MSD's pathetic attempt to evolve.  And Fluke lives in you pocket when you want any kind of connectivity or software.  I never thought I'd say it, but I really wouldn't want a 289.  Just the sight of the battery compartment is enough to make me ....

Oh and the 181a uses some kind of weird proprietary data file so even if you download it, you cannot get it into a spreadsheet - at least that is what one reviewer said.  So NO Kudos for Uni-T.

Makes me wonder what Owon is about to do.  Some sites say the B35T has been discontinued - but
what about the + model?   

If I knew Owon was coming out with a new graphical DMM, I would sit and wait for it.

CONCLUSION?  Buy the B35T+ now and wait to upgrade to Graphical Display?

Thoughts or Comments?
Thanks so much in advance,
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